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Season 1, Episode 13February 5, 2001Joan is bewildered and unnerved by Sean's tentativeness in romancing her, and suspects he's seeing another woman. Meanwhile, Lynn (Persia White) volunteers to man the phones of a suicide hot line. Season 1, Episode 3September 25, 2000Toni resents Joan for not coming to her rescue during a brawl outside of a posh nightclub. Season 1, Episode 4October 2, 2000Joan finds a date after she goes searching for men in cyberspace, but his unusual physique puts her open-mindedness to the test. Season 1, Episode 15February 19, 2001Toni refers Maya to her gynecologist (Dr. Season 1, Episode 16February 26, 2001Joan's frustrated by her inability to advance at her law firm, especially after William earns a case she thought she deserved. Meanwhile, Toni has her eye on Maya's doctor (Phil Morris). Season 1, Episode 18March 11, 2001Sean wants Joan to impress a would-be employer and Maya wants her to be there for her while she undergoes surgery. Season 1, Episode 19April 16, 2001After an uncomfortable night at Davis's restaurant, Joan decides to come clean and tell Sean (Dondre T. However, the conversation doesn't end the way she anticipated.

Toni ponders renewing her relationship with Greg (Chuma Hunter-Gault).

Season 1, Episode 9November 20, 2000When her friends can't make it to her Thanksgiving dinner, Joan (Tracee Ellis Ross) invites a high-profile attorney instead.

Season 1, Episode 10November 27, 2000Maya's decision to renew her wedding vows results in a clash with Joan, who tries to impose her own tastes on the ceremony.

Season 1, Episode 22May 14, 2001Toni (Jill Marie Jones) flies to Jamaica to recover from her breakup with Greg and she's joined by Joan, Lynn and Maya.

Tell a little white lie here and there, just to make everyone happy? Meanwhile, Maggie's well-meaning but naive mother Lila gets divorced ...

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